We help new companies build the confidence of established brands- and we help established brands innovate like new companies.

Contact Stratis

Requests for outreach by biopharma organizations for general inquiries and/or Sounding Board Sessions are responded to within 1 business day.

If you include a preferred day & time, we will proactively send a 30 minute meeting webex for within 2 hours from the start of your preferred time.

Applications are reviewed and responded to within 10 business days.

Sounding Board Sessions with Stratis

Need an objective opinion about a complex situation or strategic quagmire?  

The best way to get to know us is a conversation with our team about something important to you.  To that end, Stratis set up these Sounding Board Sessions to help biopharma teams ideate around highly specific situations with no strings attached – completely pro bono and with or without CDA as per your comfort/needs.  

What this is:

How it works:

Some examples of topics that we’ve explored via Sounding Board Sessions: 

  • Troubleshooting GTN & Optimization Strategies
  • Clinical Networks – and the lift to build them
  • Looming Regulatory Shifts
  • Generic Defense Tactics
  • Patient Journey Metrics – and translating to Brand in a way that caveats performance appropriately
  • RFP Development Support – asking vendors the right questions to get important insights 
  • Aligning field incentives to drive the behavioral changes we need to be successful
  • Transitioning the Commercial Data Warehouse
  • Investing in Digital Marketing and tracking pull through
Careers at Stratis

Stratis offers a unique opportunity to advance or shift your career within the pharmaceutical commercialization & launch excellence space. 

At Stratis, team members are constantly challenged to build upon their existing knowledge and experience to grow their overall understanding of how the world works in a cross-functional way.  Frankly, we’ve found that everyone is happier when they’re learning new skills & facing new challenges.

See below for brief role descriptions for positions we’re always hiring for.  If you don’t quite fit into these buckets, fret not, we’re always interested in unique backgrounds.

To apply or set up an introductory conversation, please use the contact form, above.  

Analysts & Senior Analysts
Candidates that would be well suited for this role already have relevant or related industry experience. They are analytical and collaborative and deeply curious. The most successful candidates are just beginning to understand all the moving pieces and are eager to continue building their experience and exposure.

Logistically, we look for candidates that have:
- 2 to 4 years in consulting or a related health care field
- Strong quantitative skills (excel at a minimum)
- Excellent communication skills
- B.S. with an advanced degree is preferred
Consultants & Senior Consultants
Consultants are managing parts of projects autonomously, and are critical to providing contextual information that drive the strategic insights of the project. The most successful candidates will be didactic, collaborative, and comfortable managing a team of analysts in parallel with managing manager and client expectations.

Logistically, we look for candidates that have +4 years of experience in consulting or a related health care field.
Senior Leadership
We always have an eye out for a good fit that may come in at the Engagement Manager or Director levels. These positions are more diverse in focus and criteria and are historically most often sourced internally.

If you think you would enjoy working with us and you you have relevant experience in the biopharma industry either on the consulting or industry side, please feel free to contact us to set up a conversation.