We Make Strategy Simple

The biopharmaceutical landscape is evolving and casting new light on how manufacturers must think about and manage their portfolios.

At Stratis Group we bring together a long history of developing and delivering focused strategy for clients.

While we specialize in commercialization throughout a brand's lifecycle, we are especially passionate about market access & patient services, data-driven analytics, and making sure our clients are always building solutions that retain their options for innovation.

Client-Teams We Support

Patient Services

Commercial Analytics

Field Reimbursement

Trade & Distribution

Patient & Revenue Forecasting

Finance & GTN

Brand Marketing

Payer Access & Contracting

Core Service Areas

While we support clients across a wide range of initiatives, we have a few areas that we focus on by the nature of our data-driven, cross-functional approaches.  

Patient Services &
Field Support

We take teams from pre-launch strategy through to post-launch optimizations and follow-on indication synergies. We can even staff your Field Reimbursement team fractionally, indefinitely, or while you get an in-house team up and running. Our goal is to support your teams in the way your teams need supporting - whether it's extra hands to lift or adding heads to lead.

Market Access &

Our deep experience in market access & forecasting harkens back to our inception. Whether it's top-down or bottom-up, paid or free goods, we understand how payer contracting, channel fees, patient services programs, and current or future regulatory ultimately impacts your ability to predict and hit your net targets.

Reporting &

We are passionate about data at Statis. We crunch claims data, optimize business rules with regression and AI, deliver strategic findings that map to business questions and tactics to influence, design & build reporting dashboards, and support launching, scaling, and migrating commercial data ecosystems.

Services & Engagement Examples

Patient Support Services
Comprehensive Support from Strategy through Execution to Optimization
- Program Strategy & Design
- Patient Experience, Journey, and Pain Points
- Ensuring Operational Excellence
- Site and Home-based Clinical Networks, remote & in-person, for pre-test & on-going diagnostics, initiation training & monitoring
- Provider Research & Workflow Optimizations
- Clinical & Field Reimbursement team rules of engagement, hub relations / optimizations, training, dashboards, and reporting
- Innovations & Optimizations
- Hub staffing models, services utilization forecasting, free goods forecasting, operational metrics, and reporting metrics
- Build & implementation management
- Testing strategy, design, and execution support
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Field Reimbursement Staffing
Contracting for Excellence
Whether you're standing a team up, training a new team, or expanding an existing team, Stratis can support your Field Reimbursement resourcing with highly curated, professionally credentialed, and appropriately incentivized people. Our contract terms are flexible, affordable, and will always include double oversight by field team leadership and Stratis leadership to ensure our teams are as effective as possible for our clients. When you outsource to a strategy shop, the optimization efforts are endless!
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Market Access
From Pre-Launch through LOE
- Payer contracting strategy, impact, deal evaluation, and GTN impact
- Nuanced supports for government patients, 340b, and pricing
- Site-based access opportunities including COE and IDN tactics, pilots, & partnerships
- Partner reimbursement opportunities including digital therapeutics & new tech add-on payments (NTAPs)
- GTN forecasting & optimization opportunities
- Forecasting market access landscape and contracting outcomes for future launches
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Brand Analytics
Analytics with interpretation. Always.
- Marketing ROI, inclusive of market access
- Program performance metrics, full-spectrum of available and generated data (from analogue claims to processing hub data)
- HCP targeting optimization
- Sales team performance & opportunities
- Innovative incentive compensation (IC) and management by objective (MBO) analytics
- Sales-to-Reimbursement coordination & hub supports
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Forecasting & Epidemiology
Full product life-cycle support
- Business development support for M&A, indication selection, investor relations, and future event insights
- Clinical team supports across trial design, endpoint selection, meta-trial analysis, regulatory submissions, and publications
- Support Program impact analytics and utilization forecasts
- Ever-greening support: understanding what is driving growth, what is maintaining volume, and what is unnecessary
- Demand forecasting from top-down and bottom-up
- Patient opportunity (incidence / prevalence), available dynamic market, compliance and persistency curves
- Line of therapy and future event considerations
- Free and Paid Goods forecasting
- Production Forecasts
- Distribution strategy support & options including forecasting & GTN impact
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Data Insight & Analytics Teams
From the hub through the commercial data warehouse to accessible insights
- Data ecosystem & architecture strategy and execution support
- Vendor RFP and onboarding support
- Launch Excellence Testing: Management of the testing process including build, system, pair-wise and end-to-end
- Design, coding, and delivery of cross-functional metrics with inter-team and source-of-truth alignments
- Interpretations, benchmarking, threshold alerts for leading indicators, and escalation, mitigation or reproduction opportunities
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Customer Research
What do our customers need, and HOW should we deliver it?
- We identify research gaps and help clients figure out how to execute to fill them
- Patient surveys, ad board design, and live conversations
- Provider research with front-office & office managers, decision makers, and back-office coding & reimbursement teams
- Broad recruiting avenues including advocacy group and niche partner relationships
- We can do primary research in-house but we also partner with best-in-class external teams (happily!) to ensure the client has the right and best mix of skills for the job
- We make customer research easy to digest at a granular level
- Research deliverables always include thinking around implications, pivots, and tactical recommendations
- Simply put, we always take the next step from "the customers said this" to "this is what it may mean for us"
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