Meet Stratis

Our team is comprised of a blend of folks with different backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets. 

The things tying us together are higher-order attributes like deep curiosity, unwavering accountability,  and a love of data. 

When we’re engaged with you, our team is your team and your team is ours.  


Senior Level Staff

Joe Musumeci

Principal, Co-Founder

Casey Cormier

Principal, Co-Founder

Robin Chittick

Head of Patient Experience & Innovation

Tim Szymusiak

Head of Market Access & Reimbursement

Chelsea Catsburg

Director of Epi & Forecasting

Arnold Suwarnasarn

Director of Commercial Analytics

Victoria Berger

Director of Lifecycle Analytics

Sarah Anderson

Engagement Manager
RWE & Customer Research

Tammy Bevan

Engagement Manager
Transitions & Project Management

Emily Schroeter

Engagement Manager
Field Analytics & Project Management

How did we get here?

From 2010 to Present Day, a high-level summary of what we’ve been up to.

From strategy to execution and back.