What Differentiates Our Approach to Primary Research


Managed Care Experience

Our primary research team has extensive history working on brand teams and with key opinion leaders across the managed care spectrum.

Decision-Makers Access

We have long-standing relationships with key decision makers across P&T committees, providers, patient advocacy groups, and policy makers to enable us to uncover the insights necessary for each engagement.

Trust and Reality

Our dialogue with stakeholders is an extension of an ongoing relationship built on trust and allows us to identify and challenge inconsistent responses based on past behavior. 

Academic Approach

Our work has a foundation in strong secondary research, literature evaluation, and data synthesis that enhances primary research and yields nuanced assumptions necessary for analysis.

Information Distillation

In addition to aggregating information from disparate sources, we filter out the noise from key findings that will impact strategic decisions.

Insight and Guidance

We provide quantitative and case-study-based evidence to support our findings and drive recommendations.