Payer Access-Based Forecasting

Payer Access-Based Forecasting

Payer Access-Based Strategy & Forecasting

Case study & analogue data driven performance forecasting at the payer-specific level, including impact of specific access contracts

Key Questions Addressed

  • Impact of different contracting scenarios on the 4-year forecast?
  • Impact of copay assistance, competitor contracting/launch, generic competition?
  • Forecasting consequences of individual payer access decisions?


Stratis access-based forecast models build new-launch, event-driven, or end-of-life forecasts by aggregating evidence-based, payer-level volume projections.  Projections are identified according to evidence-based uptake analytics derived via longitudinal cohort regression analysis and driven by a variety of factors including the influence of nuanced payer-level management practices (i.e. formulary management, control, etc.), competitor comparisons and events, manufacturer investments, patient factors, and others.