Global Performance Dashboards

Global Performance Dashboards

Global Markets Performance Dashboards

Integration of global sales data from disparate market-level inputs into a streamlined performance monitoring interface

Key Questions Addressed

  • How are each of my markets performing this month compared to our target forecast and compared to other markets in the region?
  • How do sales of different SKUs/strengths compare within a Global region? Which markets or regions are driving sales?
  • Are we likely to hit our target performance for the year?


The Global Markets Performance Dashboards are designed to be interactive interfaces to monitor ongoing sales performance at a global, regional, and individual market level. These dashboards combine longitudinal data feeds from multiple sources across multiple products, including different strengths and formulations, to create a comprehensive global portfolio tracking dashboard. Interactivity also allows users to drill-down geographically to identify performance strengths and opportunities in a step-wise fashion.